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I love listening to podcast. It is much more intimate way of getting information other than reading. This podcast app concept is a redesign where most audio features are merged all together.

Research goals included

Reimagining how podcasts are discovered and consumed

Millions of people discover and listen to podcasts every week. But the listening experience hasn’t really improved in the last few years. It isn’t very different from listening to music on your phone. Most podcasts are educational in nature and people listening to them have a specific set of needs and wants.

The challenge is how do we improve the listening experience for this demographic. Podcasting and audiobooks are the fastest growing audio segments on mobile. This concept project is a challenging one to design a mobile app that is highly personal, highly interactive and with the ability to bring even more utility to the user than a book ever could.

Research Method

The purpose of the research is to create and gain insight into podcast listeners. This will allows us to achieve broad and specific perspectives of podcast listeners. Since we only have a week, we'd gather data from existing research studies on the internet.


For our survey, we aimed to survey both general podcast listeners on where they discover new shows and genre preference, how do they use it, and what app are they using.


  • Top 3 Podcast App Being Used — Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Others
  • They normally discover new shows from social media, then second is recommendations from their friends.
  • Users most listened to podcast while driving or commuting to work
  • Users mostly listen to Comedy shows, followed by educational and true crime.


Discovery / Research
Visual Design


Adobe XD
Google slides
Pen & Paper


Linkedin Learning


The journey of this project was so much fun and challenging from start to finish. I love this project because I'm a big user of podcast as well. An important finding was knowing a product is an iterative, evolving process. This holds true to any products, system or services. There is no such thing as a perfect design. It always evolves.

Clearly there are huge improvements that needs to be made. I think the design could be more simple, primarily when I was considering an interface for users listening to podcast when driving. However, I think the playing interface offer an intuitive experience for the general audience. I realise that this design has barely scratched the surface when it comes to developing the best possible version.

It was fun to do research and learn why people listen to podcasts and audiobooks and find out where they are getting their content suggestions from. I have time constraints so the research was quite short. Still, there are heaps of data in the Internet regarding podcasts.

Nevertheless, it was great to work on this. It allowed me to gain more knowledge on researching and coming up with useful data. I definitely picked up more experience creating a persona, developing a user story board, lo-fidelity, high-fidelity and presentation.

Thank you!

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